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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Modernize your Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 Customer engagement is a business management solution that digitally transforms your business through its suite of intelligent connected solutions around Salesforce automation, Marketing , Customer services , Field services and Project service automation applications.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

As sellers juggle an increasing number of stakeholders, it gets harder to tailor and personalize interactions. Dynamics 365 provides a holistic view of the customer’s interaction history, so sellers have the context and knowledge to personalize every interaction with buyers.

Top challenges solved :


  1. Organizations need to narrow down the optimal choices for sellers. With Dynamics 365, sellers get guidance toward optimal outcomes. Directly inside the sales records they are working on, sellers see the specific steps needed to move the deal forward.


  1. Many sellers are unclear of what’s expected of them. Is it just to close deals? Is it to build pipeline? Is it to acquire new customers, or retain existing customers? Frequently, goals conflict, creating distractions for sellers. Dynamics 365 provides contextual, real-time dashboards for sellers and leaders so the entire sales team knows what metrics to focus on and can take coordinated action toward the organization’s specific goals.
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    Focus on What is important with Dynamics 365 Sales

    Dynamics 365 Field Service

    Traditionally, Field Service was a cost center business for most companies. But as companies evolve in their business/technology maturity, Field Service operations are becoming Profit Centers, and in a lot of cases, they evolve beyond Profit Centers and go towards Service centric operation, resulting in outcome based business models, and net new revenue streams that previously did not exist. This shift has enabled companies to use Field Service technologies to offer “outcome-based’’ businesses to their customers, resulting in increased revenue.


    Regardless of where the customers are in their maturity, the Field Service solution addresses their needs at each step in their journey.

    Dynamics 365 Customer Service


    When Microsoft thinks about customer service and empowering organizations with a solution that serves as a differentiator, we think about it from three perspectives:

    • The customer – how do we help brands personalize the customer experience and earn loyalty?
    • The agent: How do we empower agents and other customer-facing staff?
    • The back-office employee: how do we enable the strategies of service organization and wider business in the face of near constant change and evolution?

    Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation


    Build trusted customer relationships by delivering outstanding project experiences. Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation empowers you to deliver profitable projects on time and within budget while increasing employee productivity.

    Manage projects with confidence

    Plan and deliver successful projects using a predictable and customer-centric service delivery model.

    Optimize your resources

    Anticipate resource demand and ensure the right resources are on the right projects, keeping utilization high.

    Forecast project profitability

    Prioritize project -based sales  opportunities with build-in intelligence to plan for successful outcomes.

    Increase productivity

    Empower your service professionals to delivery their best work through intuitive and collaborative tools.

    Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform

    Drive innovation with an application that’s easy to tailor, extend and connect to their apps and service you already use.

    Dynamics 365 Marketing


    Dynamics 365 Marketing provides you with the tools to turn prospects into business relationships. ​It features easy-to-use tools to help marketers conduct successful

    Multi-channel campaigns that can be targeted to attract the right prospects​


    The new release has built-in A/B testing to help determine which of your campaign approaches gets the most receptive customer response.


    Lead nurturing efforts that personalize each customer’s journey​ – including integration with Dynamics Customer Insights. Automated business process flows keep the journey flowing smoothly.


    Event management using a wide array of user-friendly tools​ including registration and attendance tracking from an events portal that can be created within Dynamics 365 Marketing.


    Insight gathering and reporting with integrated Microsoft Forms Pro surveys capability​ helps you to achieve a 360-degree view of your leads.

    It runs on an adaptable unified platform, providing you with ready-built integration with other Dynamics 365 products such as Dynamics 365 Sales, as well as other content managements systems. Dynamics 365 Marketing fits easily into your customer campaigns. ​


    It can automate processes with either built-in workflows or new ones created with Microsoft Flow.​


    AI-driven insights, lead scoring, and custom dashboards improve automated marketing performance.​ Features include smart scheduling, segment boost, and spam score.

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