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Product Configurator




What is a Product Configurator and Why is it necessary?

A Product Configurator is a tool which enables the user to configure the components and properties of a product in order to meet the specifications or requirements of the Customer.

Who can use it?

Stablesoft has built a Product Configurator add-on on NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central with which clients can easily build Sales Quote and Order for their customers as per their specifications on the product they need.

How does Product Configurator help?

  • It can create Sales Order based on the Product Features selected (pricing options calculated based on the features selected)
  • It allows to change the substitute products or part or material if required based on client needs
  • It can create BOM and Production Order based on the selection and the user can process the orders without any manual interference
  • It provides options to regroup the different variants based on the client needs

Product Configurator makes the clients Sales & Production process smooth since their end customer can choose the required variants to specify their final product need.

NAV and Business Central users benefit as Product Configurators helps to

  • Reduce time & increase accuracy
  • Easily build Sales Quotes and Orders
  • Automatically generate Assembly or Production BOMs/Routings on Sales Orders and Quotes

Configurator Features:

Product Configurator
  • Provide option to the user to use the configurator in the Sales Order process
  • Option to Choose Printing Type based on the technology used, different kinds of colors to be used, etc. It also facilitates the user to change or remove different raw materials, if needed and add additional charges based on the options
  • Once the Sales Order is verified and released, it allows the user to carry out all the processes related to the manufacturing of the items or Kits
Advantages of the Configurator:
  • Allows the user to work within the NAV environment
  • Keep all the references internally like quote and sales orders references
  • View all the required information at various levels like parent, child items and their related quantities, their raw materials, charges etc.
  • Facilitates in the substitution of raw materials in case needed, based on the inventory
  • Provision to add additional charges if any
  • Additional provisions to assort the items and kit quantities based on the client’s requirement since sometimes the client may not require certain items in the kit etc.
  • Review all the information before the release of Sales Order in a user-friendly way
  • Automate the Production Order creation and execution as per the standard NAV process with required
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